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Kinesiology tape

Sterkur® Kinesiology tape is the flagship among our tapes. Excellent on many fronts. The adhesive ensures a long-lasting sticking force on the skin. It is very suitable to use during (sport-) exercise and can be used under both dry and wet condition. 


Sports tape Classic

The tape that started the Sterkur® story. Every detail of this tape has been thought through. If we may say so ourselves; the Sterkur® sports tape classic is a beautifully balanced product. 


Compression tape

Sterkur® Compression tape is developed for direct skin use. It is a strong, cotton elastic stretch bandage with length-wise extensibility.


Stretchbands 120cm

The Sterkur® Stretch Band is an elastic band made of a premium rubber material without latex. Stretching the band requires strength and easily creates resistance to your muscles. 


Fixation tape

Sterkur® Elastic Fixation tape is a skin-colored and self-adhesive elastic fixation tape. It is very easy to apply and has light supporting properties, without limiting the range of motion


Stretchloops 30*2,5cm

The Sterkur® Stretch Loop is an elastic, circular band made of premium 100% latex material. Stretching the Sterkur® Stretch Loop requires strength and easily creates resistance to your muscles. 



The Sterkur
® Triggerpoint Ball is developed to make muscles stronger during and after rehabilitation and is also suitable for preventive use.  


Professional Rugby tape

Sterkur® Professional Rugby tape is very strong and difficult to rip. The tape is excellent to use for the fixation of, for example, a shoulder.


Support tape

Sterkur® Support tape is often used as an anchor to the Sterkur® Professional Rugby tape. The material easily moves along with body movements with width-wise extensibility. The tape is comfortable for the skin, due to the fact that it is air permeable and allows water vapour to pass.


Finger support tape

Sterkur® Finger Support tape is a strong bandage with a width of 2,5 centimeter. Sterkur® Finger Support tape is excellent to use on small surfaces of your body, for example fingers. 

Tearability :                            ★☆☆☆☆

Adhesion on skin:                       ★★★★★

Easy unrolling:                             ★★★☆☆

Strength:                                          ★★★★★

Handfeeling:                                   ★★★★★

Adhesive residue after use:                   ☆☆☆☆ (minimal)


Spiky ball

The Sterkur® Spiky ball can be used for a more intense massage then the usual triggerpoint ball due to the spikes.