The earth is not doing well. Raw materials for products mainly come from large-scale, intensive monocultures that deplete the earth. Global biodiversity is declining; animal and plant species are driven towards extinction faster and faster. Climate change is happening. The quality of soil, water and air worldwide needs more attention. The "race to the bottom" is in full swing. We have to do something.

It is actually very simple. People at the beginning of the supply chain structurally earn too little to be able to take good care of the earth. There are too many people who live in poverty. One consequence of this is that people at the beginning of the supply chain must exhaust the earth. Current and future generations are confronted with the consequences. And birds and butterflies also.

What planet earth needs is a radical change in the way companies deal with our earth. We want to be the example for this change. Instead of products with a little less negative impact, to products with a positive impact. Your roll of tape and your stretchloop also have impact as cotton and rubber are the main materials for these products.

We increase the income of people at the beginning of the supply chain. We do this by paying double the price for the raw materials they harvest. In our case, these are rubber and cotton farmers. With this we make it possible for farmers to be able to do business without exhausting the earth. Without poverty and with a place for birds and butterflies.