We have the following core values ​​to guide us in making decisions. By being completely transparent about everything, we think we can best contribute to a better world.


1. Quality always comes first

Quality is a concept that in itself does not say much; you can only give a value to a individual product. Per individual product, quality is simply the precondition (and therefore our first core value). We can shout out our message so loudly, that we want to save our planet, but if our tape falls off after five minutes, we will never succeed. In real life, we can only succeed our mission when you want to use our products.


2. Contributing to a better world

Our mission is guiding what we do. With every decision we ask ourselves whether we are contributing to a better world.

We want to be an example for other companies. We invite other companies to do the same. It is not that difficult. You can always call or email us about this.


3. Dare to be vulnerable

We have become accustomed to the closedness of companies in one way or another. We don't believe in this. We make products with a higher purpose. We want to involve people in this. We want applause if we do it right and we want criticism if we don't do it right. We believe that full transparency contributes to improving the world. It makes us vulnerable, but there is no reason to be secretive. We want the opposite. It's just a lot of work, so not everything is finished yet.


4. Keep thinking outside the structures.

Only by thinking about the future in a free way, we can change it. If we continue to do what we always do, we will always get the same result. The fact that we are already doubling the income of rubber and cotton farmers is not because we adhere so well to the current structures and economic laws.


5. Money is a means, not a goal.

Making money must be a logical consequence of the things you do. Money is not a goal in itself. We do not need to explain this further, but it is essential.