We are proudly cooperating with the farmers in the village of Lubuklinggau, at Sumatra, Indonesia. Mr. Karmain (from the photo) is working on his rubber farm every day. We pay double the price for his rubber.

We are realising mr. Karmain can invest in agroforestry rubber forests. All these measures find their origin in agro-ecological methods. Agroecology and food-forestry types of cultivation have the goal of making the soil richer than it was before cultivating it.

Together with the local communities we are restoring degraded landscapes.

Rubber comes from trees.

The rubber needs to dry before bringing it to the market. The longer it dries, the more value it has. But Karmain needs to sell fast, because he needs the money. With sterkur he can afford to wait longer and get a better price.

Next to this, we are currently protecting 6 hectares of degraded nature at Sumatra. We are trying to get the birds to return to this area.

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