STERKUR is working directly with cotton farmers in Hebei province in China. Together with Grant and the family of mr. Xianfeng we are establishing strip cultivation, with cotton as the main crop.

Strip cultivation results in higher biodiversity and involves a natural protection for pests, although nothing is certain upfront.

Together with mr. Liu we also decided to not use chemical fertilizer and no plastic sheets for mulching. This is quite heavy impact for a farmer depending on the income from cotton.

After cotton is harvested, these are collected together and brought to the market. At the market, the cotton is bought by yarn makers.

For the weaving of our medical bandages, we need to buy special yarns.

Our payments are woven into the price structure of all our products and cover agro-ecological cotton production costs and allow mr. Xianfeng to earn a decent income.

You want to know more about how we are planting our cotton crops with Xianfeng and his family? click here (1)(2).