Climate, deforestation, waste, plastic, water pollution, energy use, air pollution, soil degradation, birds starvation, plastic soup, coral reef depletion, desertification; so many issues are currently striving for headlines; it often becomes too difficult to understand what must be priority and what to do.

At Sterkur, we look at impact as if our planet could speak to us how we are treating her. We need to take care of seven main things:

Water quality

Because the plants, the animals and human beings are dependent on clean water.

Soil quality

Of vital importane to our plants and the plants that feed and cloth us. For the current generation and future generations.

Air quality

Essential to every living being.

Water quality

The availability of water is essential to every form of life.

Land use change

We are assuming we do not want to live in a world where there is only agriculture and no nature. We understand this is based on our assumption: we can live without nature, but we think we should not want this.


A stable climate is what we want for ourselves and our children.


Diversity of life on our planet is essential for a resilient planet.

All environmental analyses at Sterkur are based on these 7 things.