Kinesiology tape

Sterkur® Kinesiology tape is the flagship among our tapes. Excellent on many fronts. The adhesive ensures a long-lasting sticking force on the skin. It is very suitable to use during (sport-) exercise and can be used under both dry and wet condition. 

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Sterkur ® Kinesiology Tape

The flagship among our tapes. Excellent on many fronts. The adhesive ensures a long-lasting sticking force on the skin. The tape stays in place under all circumstances; from beach volleyball to water polo. We do not use a great amount of adhesive to allow the skin to breathe, but the type of adhesive is special. The choice of fabric took us four years. The tensile force in the longitudinal direction from this fabric, ensures a small "lift" of the skin. The traction force is balanced: a lower traction force would mean less function. A higher pulling force would possibly result in skin irritation. A disadvantage of our kinesiolgy tape can be that it is more difficult to release from the skin. That is of course exactly the intention, but the somewhat older or very sensitive skin may find this annoying. If you want to know more, please look at the user manual on our website.


On a note: the colors of the kinesiology tape really don't matter. White reflects the sunlight, black absorbs it. But that is the only difference we can think of.



Direct sticking force on skin:               ★★★★

Adhesive power on skin after 1 hour:  ★★★★★

Sticking force 7 days:                           ★★★★★

Tensile force longitudinal direction:     ★★★★

Handfeeling:                                         ★★★★★

Adhesive residue after use:                 ☆☆☆☆☆ (none)

Skin friendly:                                        ★★★★

Sterkur planet score:                            ★★★★

Always consult your physical therapist before the application of Sterkur® products. 


Although we are very concerned with the quality of our products, skin irritation can occur.  If irritation occurs, please remove the tape gently. You can always use a tape remover or a bit of oil. 

Data sheet

Beige - Zwart - Oranje - Blauw - Gemengde kleuren - Roze - Rood - Groen
5 meter
5 centimeter
97% katoen / 3% elasthane
Hypoallergene acryl lijm laag


Kinesiology tape manual

Manual for the safe use of Sterkur kinesiology tape

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Information skin irritation

Information on possible causes and solutions for skin irritation.

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