1. Is there a time beyond oil?

Our society’s dependence on plastic and oil is an ecological catastrophe. From drilling petroleum to plastic waste flowing into the sea, from plastic waste ending up in nature to climate change, we need to look how we can reduce our dependency on oil.

We are. But we have not solved it yet. Here, we like to show you some of our challenges.

Oil makes many products, among others it makes plastic. We want to inform you about our use of oil. Unfortunately not because we are doing so well, but because we are doing so bad.

We use it. We use it in our adhesives, in our tapes and in our excercise materials.

But if you have read our website up till this point, you know our mission is to create products with a positive impact on our planet. Clearly, it is absurd to think that using oil can be part of that mission.

You are right. You are just right. And it might be enough reason to switch to a competitor that can better fullfill your needs and wishes when you buy a product. We are the only one to blame for not fullfilling your expectations.

The least we can do is be honest. We have not found alternatives to our use of plastic yet and we will still be using plastic in the next years. We do this because we have an obligation to you, to provide the best quality products. We are serious about your health and your protection, that is our first priority. And at the moment, oil and plastic are still part of this. We have done our research. Here you can find our research on stretchbands, on the spiky ball, on the foamroller and on our plastic packaging. We even performed a general research on the impact of our oil use, which surprisingly ended up in a research into waste incineration plants in The Netherlands. We are in continuous search for alternatives without loss of quality. Steps have also been made:

What we do:

  • We reduced the use of our plastic packaging with 70% in 4 years. We will go to 100% plastic-free packaging in 2021. We can promise this, except for the plastic slides in the boxes for the sports tape. These are essential to keep the rolls in place and we have not found an alternative yet.
  • We will switch our TPE bands to natural rubber, except for the yellow band, as this thickness cannot be reached by natural rubber.

What we probably can not do soon:

  • Replacing elasthane in our fixation, kinesiology and compression tape.

The reason for this is rather simple. It is in our products because we make the best quality products. Products derived from oil possess just amazing capabilities. Made out of millions of years of plants, you can imagine how good a quality this can become.

Our products are made for your health. Some are made for direct use on your skin. You can be confident in us making the best decisions for you.

But in some decisions, what is best for you, is not best for future generations.

Overview of oil related challenges:

  • The oil used in medical grade adhesives. Oil is a wonderful product from a safety point of view. We are dependent on the supply chain here, at the moment we don’t have the size yet to make this a priority.
  • The oil used in special medical fabrics, especially when used for stretch capacity. There is no serious alternative for this yet. We are dependent on the supply chain here, at the moment we don’t have the size yet to make this a priority
  • The solvents of our solvent based adhesives. We have a newe air treatment facility which clean it before it goes to air. We still need to check if we could move this machine to the Netherlands without having any trouble with Dutch law.
  • Spiky ball and foam roller are made of 100% plastic. We're actively searching for an alternative to the foam roller and the spikey ball with environmentally friendly materials. There is no alternative yet for spiky ball, as you can find in our research . There is an alternative for foam roller, in the form of cork, as you can find in this research. But this is truelly out of boundaries from a money perspective. So what do we do with this? We have not decided yet.
  • TPE bands will go to rubber latest 2021. However, the yellow TPE band is very thin. Rubber cannot make this thin material, only TPE can. There is currently no alternative. For more information: see our research.
  • We have get rid of most of our plastic in packaging from 2018.
  • The plastic slides in the boxes for the sports tape classic is a difficult one. We have tried to come up with a solution, but have not found it yet. More info you can find in our research on plastic packaging.
  • The individual packaging for compression tape (coated on the outside) is a difficult one. Paper is not suitable and we dont have an alternative.
  • The individual packaging for kinesiology tape will change to paper latest 2021.
  • We need to check if our backpaper can be recycled 100%.
  • We made a mistake with our packaging for fixation tape. Here, plastic is used. It feels not right to throw this away just for marketing purposes. So, we will be using this for one time and you will see that in 2021 this has changed to plastic free also.